My Hobby Process


Tempestus scions with their first basecoat, orks with the texture paint on their base waiting to dry, freshly put together choppa boyz to round out my 30 man squad, nobz awaiting a highlight after the all important agrax and nuln oil washes and company commanders getting a 2nd thin coat of blue on their capes.

I have always gravitated towards that feeling of completion. With it, that feeling of satisfaction of having a unit done and ready for the table. The relief of being able to move onto the next project without the guilt of a half painted model staring at me from across my hobby desk. The excitement of throwing down those newly painted models onto the tabletop, only to see them get blasted off the table despite all that time you spent on that plasma guns’s glow effect.

Painting has always been the most challenging part of the hobby to me. Paints such as washes and techniques like drybrushing have made it easier and faster to get great results, but it always comes down to looking at those unpainted models and dreading the amount of time I think it will take to get them ready for the tabletop.

However, no matter if its an Imperial Knight or 5 guardsmen, the process always starts in one place in ends somewhere I never really see coming. Like the picture at the start of this article shows, once I get going and the hobby high has kicked in, I’m applying paint to everything in sight. One moment I’m throwing down a wash on my ork boyz and from the corner of my eye I see those scions who still need their basecoat. In that same moment, I’m grabbing the company commanders in the same area who need another layer of paint as well and the cycle continues. No matter what model I start with, I always find myself using that same energy that got me to sit down and paint a specific thing expand into anything in my general area. As random as it is and as scattered as the projects tend to be, I never want to waste that energy or time I have to get something done. Just by starting the process I’m often able to get more done then I originally intend, but even if I do less, I still did something. One color now is still one color you don’t have to paint later and before you know it your 10 colors into a project you may have been dreading.

Painting is different for everybody, its my least favorite portion of the hobby, but I always feel the most satisfied from its results. It’s also the thing I tend to do for the longest period of time before I get burnt out in one session. Maybe because its that last step before a model is finally complete or maybe it takes the least thought when I really get into that groove?

Whatever your hobby process is or whatever portion of the hobby this pertains to, I’ve felt just starting is the best way to get things done. As dumb as it sounds, I never know how much I can get it done in one sitting until I’ve actually started. Some days I’m 4 hours deep into getting the rust done on my ork vehicles, while a battle report or podcast plays in the background. Other times I’m 30 minutes in and my attention is pulled towards something else or the frustration of a certain model needs to be put aside for another time. Either way, if you started you got a little something done and at least your that much closer to your next project.

-Dillon @lilagrax

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